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Kitsune by Illumon Kitsune :iconillumon:Illumon 0 0 forum signature by Illumon forum signature :iconillumon:Illumon 0 0
PMD: Ventures of Beyond CH:8
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ventures of Beyond
CH: 8
It had been two weeks since the Eon sisters tried to take Bran back to his mother. Bran had been hurt badly and his recovery was slow.
"Hello? Is anyone home?" A familiar voice called from the Team Hall outside Shiro's room.
Shiro collected all of the papers he had scattered around himself. Each one about Pokemon that move as if it were a shadow. Then he left the room.
"Shiro! I'm so glad to see you!" Marishi said, scooping up the Eevee and giving him a crushing hug.
Shiro struggled. "Marishi...I...can't...breathe," he managed to gasp.
She put him back down. “Sorry, I just missed you so much." She laughed.
"Yeah, I can tell," he replied "How was training with Lucario?"
Marishi's smile seemed to shatter. "Lucario is tough to train with."
Shiro tried to press her for details but she avoided answering.
"Well what happened to you while I was gone?" Marishi asked.
Shiro explained the whole situation with Bran. He started with training
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PMD: Ventures of Beyond -Team Audacity by Illumon PMD: Ventures of Beyond -Team Audacity :iconillumon:Illumon 3 2
PMD: Ventures of Beyond CH:7
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Venturers of Beyond
CH: 7
“Shiro?” Glaceon said spotting the Eevee as he was heading back to his room to get some last minute rest. “What happened? You look like you got in a fight with a Magmar and barely escaped with your life?”
“Yeah something like that except this was Charizard’s doing. Apparently I stepped out of line.” Shiro said with a sigh.
“I heard she was upset for some reason but in a place like this everyone is too cautious to give away too many details.” Glaceon said leaning against Shiro to help him back to his Team Hall.
The coolness of Glaceon’s body seemed to sooth the pain a little but not completely but he pulled away from her when they made a turn down an unfamiliar hall. “Where are you taking me?”
“You’re completely useless in that condition and we only have a few hours before we head out. I’m taking you to my room so I can give you proper treatment.
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PMD: Ventures of Beyond CH:6
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ventures of Beyond
CH: 6
Shiro and Marishi woke up early the next day and treated themselves to an early breakfast.
The entrance door opened and Lucario walked in "Have you prepared yourself Marishi?"
Shiro turned to his partner who was standing in an instant "Y-yes Lucario" then she blinked "Who's there?" she said looking past Lucario into the darkness of the hall.
A figure walked in and stopped beside Lucario. "Good morning, I'm Glaceon; your partner will be with me until you and Lucario return." She said in a somewhat sleepy voice. "I'm sorry if I seem a little off, I am not a big fan of early mornings." She shot Lucario an annoyed look.
She approached Shiro and examined him with great interest. "Eevee's are quite rare. I'll bet it's been a long time since you met your own kind young..."
"Shiro, my name is Shiro." He said showing only mild curiosity. "What will I be doing with you?"
"You will only be assisting me with the younger pokemon, for now. We have be
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PMD: Ventures of Beyond CH:5
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ventures of Beyond
CH: 5
Shiro and Marishi were sent to the guest quarters where Team Arrowhead was waiting.
"You two are way too slow. I can't believe we are stuck with you softies." Said the Weavile
Shiro tried his best to not look at Weavile's silent partner "I'm sorry about that it's difficult to get from one place to another with the guild members constantly checking on you."
"If you intend to survive where we are going you are going to need to either learn to hold your tongue or stand your ground in a fight. I know you can't fight for survival so I'll let this slide, don't expect me to protect you from my guild members if you make the mistake again. You will refer to me by the name Frost from this day forward. "Frost started. "For the last year and a half the guilds have become aware of crime increasing. Not only that but it seems that that criminals have begun to mimic the guilds patterns by working in small teams. You, little Eevee have gotten yourself
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PMD: Ventures of Beyond CH:4
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ventures of Beyond
CH: 4
Shiro woke up in the medical wing of the guild. "When did I...?" he noticed something warm was beside him and he looked over curiously to find Aya sleeping soundly.
"Ehhh!" he yelled as he jumped to his feet the other pokemon turned their heads towards him startled.
"Awake at last?" a familiar voice said
Shiro turned his head towards the second in in command of the guild, Milotic.
Milotic looked at Aya then to Shiro. She hasn't moved since we brought you in two weeks ago. We even had to bring her food she feels that she owes you but I doubt that's the only thing.
"What do you mean?" Shiro asked
"Perhaps you will find out one day Shiro, but for now let's get you some real food." Milotic woke Aya up.
Aya only for a split second looked exited to see Shiro was awake but then she said. "What's wrong with you? Were you so desperate to show off your new attacks that you forgot the basics of preventing poison from spreading through your body? "
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PMD: Ventures of Beyond CH:3
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ventures of Beyond
CH: 3
2 weeks after Shiro's miserable defeat he spent most of his time training in private, slowly increasing his level and he could feel his confidence beginning to grow.
Today he was just outside of the guild gates when just before him he saw 3 red rings appear on the ground. The rings appeared to be moving and then segments of similar rings appeared in the air above the first set. That was quickly was followed by a strong gust of wind and a flash of light that disappeared with all of the red circles in an instant leaving 2 pokemon in its wake.
Shiro gasped when he saw the 2 pokemon sensing the power from them that he only felt around Team Audacity.
"You there are you a member of this guild?" a Weavile asked
"Y-Yes who are you?"  Shiro asked
"Us? Were the Bounty Hunters Team Arrowhead, I recommend you bring us to Ninetales." The Weavile answered as the pokemon behind him glanced down at Shiro shaking the Eevee's newly found confidence.
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PMD: Ventures of Beyond CH:2
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ventures of Beyond
CH: 2
Shiro's eyes widened when he recognized the red fox from earlier that day who he now knew was a Vulpix.
"Oh, Great you again." The Vulpix growled angrily "It's because of you that I was late for my training..."
Shiro looked down at his paws. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean anything by it." He apologized
"Now, now Aya haven't I told you not to be rude to our guests?" A much larger female fox spoke.
Shiro looked up as soon as she started to talk and now he was staring at her in awe. 'This must be the Guildmaster Ninetales'
Royce spoke next introducing Shiro "Shiro this is the Guildmaster Ninetales, You probably noticed that she doesn't have a nickname like you and I. The reason for that is because nicknames are a new concept in this world, so most pokemon don't have nicknames unless a parent has had many children or the child is someone of high status like Aya and me."
Shiro tore his eyes from Ninetales and nodded to Royce.
"Welcome Shiro. This
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PMD: Ventures of Beyond CH:1
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ventures of Beyond
CH: 1
“Hey? Wake up little kit!” A male voice commanded with natural authority.
Shiro tried to open his eyes but he felt so weak he couldn’t move even the slightest.
“It’s no use Royce he’s too tired to respond.” Another male voice said “Our best bet is to take him to the guild and hope someone gets him there.”
“If anything, Ninetales will be able to help him better than we can.” A female voice said
“….OK Leon Keep him warm, Zola go ahead and tell Ninetales the situation. I’ll go back into the river to see if we have any other floaters.” said the first voice
“Yes sir.” The second voice responded
“Consider it done Royce.” The female said.
Shiro felt his body warming up as he was placed on something warm and soft. After that he quickly drifted off to sleep.
Shiro woke up in a soft nest it was softer than the ones he usually
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ventures of Beyond
A first time mother Leafeon was curled around her newborn son a tiny Eevee whom was wide awake and eagerly trying to escape his mother's protection to explore the den for the first time. "Now, now little one I will let you look around as soon as you finish your nap." Leafeon said nuzzling him gently.
She thought of how much the little Eevee was like his father, Vee was like before he returned to his trainer Red.
The Eevee pawed at his mother's face curiously making Leafeon laugh "You're just a little bundle of energy aren't you?"
"Mom? Wake up mommy." a little voice said wakening Leafeon from a wonderful dream "You promised to take me outside today so come on, let's go!"
"Shiro calm down" Leafeon said to the Eevee who could only be her son, as she slowly getting up. "What did I tell you about impatience?"
"You said if I'm too impatient then my life will pass me by and I'll miss the good things in it" Said Shiro as he somehow managed to sit still.
Leafeon nodded approvi
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Comeback by Illumon Comeback :iconillumon:Illumon 2 2 What can you see? by Illumon What can you see? :iconillumon:Illumon 0 0
CH4 The Emergency, The Warning
It was dark, the forest surrounded the small patrol as they slipped through the other clans territories. The only sounds were from ahead where a small mass of cats had gathered from each clan. None of the cats had a real clue that Phantomstar and his patrol were present as they had been hidden in the shadows waiting for the moment to reveal themselves.
Suddenly the crowd went silent as Loststar had signaled for silence. "Cats of all clans! A Great danger has entered the forest. The threat is a group of cats that claim to be a clan. This Groups existence is a threat to us all."
An older black tom stepped forward "One of these cats entered Shadowclan territory, It was a black tom with green eyes, and we know that they are hostel but I cant say a threat."
"Its very interesting that you say that Nightpelt, Especially When a cat of the same description  helped Windclan by taking on a fox to save some of our kits."Tallstar countered the Shadowclan leader.
"Two Thunderclan war
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BLK Char trainer by Illumon BLK Char trainer :iconillumon:Illumon 1 0


Just too cute to not post! by JurreNetherlands Just too cute to not post! :iconjurrenetherlands:JurreNetherlands 125 24 Back to The Future 4 visual development by Tohad Back to The Future 4 visual development :icontohad:Tohad 706 17 MtG: Dawnfeather Eagle by SidharthChaturvedi MtG: Dawnfeather Eagle :iconsidharthchaturvedi:SidharthChaturvedi 160 2 Salt by painted-bees Salt :iconpainted-bees:painted-bees 166 9 SquishemSilly's Custom Wolf Commission by Pwyllo SquishemSilly's Custom Wolf Commission :iconpwyllo:Pwyllo 62 15 Cheetah young 10 by Maria-Schreuders Cheetah young 10 :iconmaria-schreuders:Maria-Schreuders 316 0 Ode to Tomorrow by onaco Ode to Tomorrow :icononaco:onaco 62 7 Fleshy Bday by OptionalTypo Fleshy Bday :iconoptionaltypo:OptionalTypo 179 6 Angry Furball by latent-ookami Angry Furball :iconlatent-ookami:latent-ookami 223 25 Astral Dreaming by Beholdentolove Astral Dreaming :iconbeholdentolove:Beholdentolove 47 17 YCH #2 [Seremagl] by LadonbKokosa YCH #2 [Seremagl] :iconladonbkokosa:LadonbKokosa 86 1 fire mage by lkk20273 fire mage :iconlkk20273:lkk20273 70 1 Pokemon_2 by Atropicus Pokemon_2 :iconatropicus:Atropicus 82 4 Summer Day Stroll by Lukiri Summer Day Stroll :iconlukiri:Lukiri 200 6 Demon Umbreon by wazzy88 Demon Umbreon :iconwazzy88:wazzy88 116 0 Kiro - the flower griffin by CalicoGriffin Kiro - the flower griffin :iconcalicogriffin:CalicoGriffin 58 7


I haven't posted anything in a while but I'm announcing a roleplay site I've put up. It's a Pokemon multiverse story where every story is connected. It's not a serious roleplay its something I made for fun and I'm curious to see where the stories go.

Come check it out at


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I haven't posted anything in a while but I'm announcing a roleplay site I've put up. It's a Pokemon multiverse story where every story is connected. It's not a serious roleplay its something I made for fun and I'm curious to see where the stories go.

Come check it out at




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